The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area

The Amsterdam Metropolitan Area (AMA) lies to the north of the Randstad and encompasses the city of Amsterdam and the Dutch provinces of North Holland and Flevoland. The area has a total population of over two million inhabitants.

Explore the entire Amsterdam Area

Flowers of Amsterdam

Tulips close up and Windmill Cris Toala Olivares
Each spring this region bursts into colour as millions of flowers bloom, creating one of the world's most unique sights.


Haarlem Grote Markt Hans Guldemond
A city of remarkable history and culture, Haarlem is just a short hop from Amsterdam but packs a unique punch.

Old Holland

Amsterdam Zaanse Schans windmill day trip, Merijn Roubroeks
With its windmills and quaint villages, stepping out into Old Holland can feel like being in a Golden Age painting.

Castles and Gardens

Discover a land of fairy tale castles and Golden Age country estates in the lush countryside of Noord-Holland.

Amsterdam Beach

Bask on the sands and soak up the nightlife at the Dutch coast and the beaches at Bloemendaal and Zandvoort.

New Land

Explore polder land reclaimed from the sea, giving birth to new cities and acclaimed architecture and design.