Mix of residents

The Rotterdam-based firm of architects designed this building like a village, with different neighbourhoods. Thus it contains apartments with patios and small council flats as well as residences with a garden and halls with luxury apartments. This creates a unique mix of residents.


The Silodam next to the former granery, 2006

Neighbourhood colour

In order to accentuate the specific characters of the neighbourhoods, the corridors to the flats – flooring, walls, doors and ceiling – have been painted in one bright colour. On the façade the window arrangement, the colour and the use of materials make the distinction clear.


View of building from the IJ, 2003

On piles

What is unusual is that the building stands on piles in the River IJ, as a result of which it seems like it is floating. This is a reference to the fact that the city of Amsterdam was built on piles. In order to prevent stray ships sailing into it, a sloping concrete slab has been installed under water and marked out with buoys.


Terrace on Southwest side of the building, 2003

Panoramic view

The building offers residents luxury facilities. Thus between the piles, beneath the building, jetties have been constructed for small boats, and in the dam itself there is a mechanical car park which conveys cars in and out using lifts. The wooden staircase that runs through the building comes out at a large balcony with a panoramic view over the River IJ. This terrace is open to the public.