What is the ARTIS-Groote Museum?

Why do you exist? Where are you from? What makes you you? And what makes you different from a gorilla or a forest violet? Are you really that different? Everything that lives shares the same home: the world. How do you view that world? Is it outside of you or also within you? Get insights and keep asking.

The building

The Groote Museum was built between 1850 and 1855 for the members of the Natura Artis Magistra Society. It stands on the oldest ARTIS site and was one of the most modern buildings in Amsterdam at the time. The museum, which closed in 1947, has been completely renovated and restored.

The original butterfly staircase has been restored to its original condition and each glass door has been returned to its original position. As a visitor you now walk on the same wooden floor that the members of the Society walked on in 1855. A true time capsule that you enter.

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