Family time

The variety of stands and special activities make Pure Markt a great outing for the entire family. Pure Markt is a place to explore, discover, taste and learn about all the different foods of Holland (and the rest of the world). Try some Dutch Gouda cheese, Surinam roti, Indian curry, American pie or a freshly chucked oyster. Order an organic beer, coffee or wine to go with that and take a seat on one of our many terraces throughout the market. Enjoy the sun, music and if you are one of our young visitors a spin in our solar powered merry-go-round. Don’t forget to take home a gift from one of our many artisinal non-food vendors.

Fresh and pure

Pure Markt is held nearly every Sunday from the end of March through the end of October and some extra dates in December. The market travels between a number of locations, namely Amstelpark (Amsterdam), Park Frankendael (Amsterdam), Amsterdamsch Bos (Amsterdam), Ouderkerk aan de Amstel, Gijsbrecht van Amstelstraat (Hilversum) and Piet Heinstraat (Den Haag).

Please visit the website for the latest Pure Markt schedule and the entrance is free.