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Clothing on hanger at the modern shop boutique
Image from Ivan Kurmyshov

Best one-stop thrift stores in Amsterdam

Welcome to a journey through some unique and vibrant vintage spots in Amsterdam, where you can discover a world of pre-loved treasures and community connections. Here are some spots that make the thrifting experience evermore so meaningful.


Journey back to the 70s and explore the vibrant realm of CrapSalon, where you can peruse a delightful array of vintage attire and furnishings. Additionally, you can arrange a haircut appointment at their store by contacting them through Instagram DMs, ensuring you step out with a refreshed look and a piece from the past.

CrapSalon | Van der Hoopstraat 39HS

The SwapShop

Image from Lotte Spek Photography

A great way to give your wardrobe a makeover whilst also avoiding hoarding involves trading your existing garments for new ones. At SwapShop, you have the opportunity to swap your older items for Swap points, which are valid indefinitely and can be applied to secure extra discounts on your purchases from the store. The higher the quality of clothing you bring in, the more Swap points you can get!

The SwapShop | Haarlemmerdijk 89


Indulge in a refreshing beverage, explore a curated selection of vintage clothing and eclectic treasures, and relax every Wednesday on the comfy couches around the stores while savouring the weekly jam sessions hosted at SuperMercator. Additionally, the shop frequently hosts a variety of engaging workshops and events for your enjoyment.

SuperMercator | Mercatorplein 3H

Kringloop West

Interior of bike repair shop at Kringloop West, Tweede Hugo de Grootstraat
Image from Sheena Schouwink

Kringloop West is your one-stop destination, offering a diverse range of vintage and second-hand items, including clothing, furniture, books, kitchenware, bicycles, electronics, and more. Beyond that, the department store provides waste separation services, recycling, item repair, upcycling, and house evacuations. Additionally, Kringloop West hosts engaging workshops and events like clothing swaps, ensuring there's something for everyone.

Kringloop West | Second Hugo de Grootstraat 70

Cycle Muna

Born from the fusion of commune and the Arabic girl name for wishes & desires, Cycle Muna not only serves as a cosy coffee and pastry spot but also fosters a sense of community through its regular events, making it a warm and inviting gathering place for all. Whether you're seeking unique second-hand finds or simply looking to share meaningful moments with friends and neighbours, Kringloop Muna welcomes you with open arms and a delightful array of experiences.

Cycle Muna | Derkinderenstraat 44