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Image from Enkiri Bloem

Top markets in Amsterdam for art and books

If you're on the lookout for second-hand antique books or affordable pieces of art, these markets are where you will find all that. The art and book markets cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. These could also be unique souvenirs from your visit to Amsterdam.

Art Markets 

Art Plein Spui

People strolling at the Spui Boekenmarkt
Image from Koen Smilde

Original art makes a wonderful, lasting souvenir and Art Plein Spui is the place to pick up an affordable piece from professional Dutch and international artists. As well as paintings, there’s sculpture, jewellery, ceramics and graphic art to inspire you. 

When: every Sunday

Museum Market

If you’re looking for authentic Dutch art, you should take a stroll down the Museum Market and take a look at all the stylish stalls they have on display. These unique Dutch artists are designers of unique home decor, art pieces, jewelry, and more.

When: every third Sunday of the month

Rembrandt Art Market 

This open-air market is held for local vendors and niche customers. The Rembrandt art market takes place once a month. It encompasses many stalls that are showcasing their own unique and hard-to-find artistic pieces. If you’re on the hunt for distinctive finds, this is the place for you.

When: once a month, on a Sunday

Book Markets 

Boekenmarkt Op Het Spui

Second-hand book market at Het Spui.
Image from Koen Smilde

Book lovers will revel in the rows of second-hand and antique books at Boekenmarkt on Spui square. Aside from books on any subject imaginable, you could unearth prints, posters, documents or magazines in Dutch, English, French, German and other languages.

When: every Friday

Sterre Der Zee

Nothing feels better than finding those books you’ve been scouring for, for a long time. The Sterre Der Zee is a cozy book market that has hard-to-find books, books for the open-minded, and philosophical gems.

When: every Friday and Saturday

Books 4 Life

Not only can you do your second-hand book shopping and find both modern and ancient books, but you could also do it away from the rainy weather. Books 4 Life is a covered book and art market which is set up in the beautiful Oudemanhuispoort, bringing history and culture together within your shopping experience.

When: every day

The Book Exchange

Their wide variety of second-hand books is all in English if this is your preferred language of reading. Spread across three floors, this one is more of a store rather than a market yet they have a large variety of gems, you are more than certainly going to find what you are looking for. At The Book Exchange, you can secure many editions and series of sequels you love, for a very affordable price.

When: every day