Protective saint

In 1609 the Reformed Buiksloterkerk (church) replaced a Roman Catholic chapel, dedicated to Saint Cornelius. Saint Cornelius was Pope from 251 to 253 and was honoured as the patron saint of livestock – very important as many people of Buiksloot were farmers.

Drawing the the Buiksloterkerk (church) from 1750-1800

Militarised church

At the end of the sixteenth century, Spanish troops occupied Waterland during the Eighty Years War. They viewed Buiksloot as an important military fortress and stationed troops in the Roman Catholic chapel (the predecessor of the Buiksloterkerk). In 1573, they had to pay a toll for this, until the villagers, together with rebels from Wormer, rammed the church door in and firmly dispelled the occupiers.


Buiksloterkerk seen from the Baron de Coubertinestraat, 1992


In 1566, during the Reformation, hundreds of people from Amsterdam sailed across the IJ River to Buiksloot to listen to Jan Arentsz. This basket maker from Alkmaar held famous sermons which were forbidden within the city walls. The inhabitants of the capital city came into contact with Calvinism through events such as these in Buiksloot and other places.

A special bell

The bell in the Buiksloterkerk church tower was made by the brothers François en Pierre Hemony, famous bell makers. It hung for hundreds of years in the church in Barsingerhorn. When the original bell in the Buiksloterkerk – by Mammes Frémy – was recovered by the Germans, the church received in its place the thousand kilo antique Hemony bell.