In hiding

The entrance to the Secret Annex was hidden behind a revolving cabinet specially made for this purpose. The office staff helped the people in hiding with food and brought 'news from outside'. On August 4, 1944, the hiding place was betrayed and the people in hiding were deported to various concentration camps. Only Otto Frank survived the war.

Experience the time of Anne Frank

The rooms in the Anne Frank House , although they no longer contain any furniture, still breathe the atmosphere of the period in hiding. Quotes from the diary, photos, film images and original objects of the people in hiding and the helpers illustrate the events that took place here. The checkered diary and other original writings of Anne Frank can be seen here.

Not suitable for disabled people

The front and rear houses are both poorly accessible for disabled people. The 'Dutch leg-breaking staircase', as Anne Frank described it in her diary , and the layout of the building are the reason for this.

Online tickets

The Anne Frank House is only accessible with an online ticket with a time slot. Tickets are released two months in advance and on the day at . The demand for online tickets is greater than the supply, especially during the holiday periods and on weekends. We therefore recommend that you plan your visit to the Anne Frank House and book an online ticket in time.

Opening hours

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