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Castles & Gardens

Delve into the fascinating history of the Dutch Golden Age by exploring the ancient castles that were once the homes of wealthy merchants. Many of the castles and exquisitely manicured gardens are open to the public. Find out which ones to see, what's in the area and how to plan your trip from Amsterdam. 

Travel back in time at historic castles

Castles and majestic country estates are dotted through the countryside in the Amsterdam Area - some are even within cycling distance of Amsterdam. Take a guided tour of a castle, attend an exhibition or just sail along the River Amstel or River Vecht dreaming of an aristocratic life by the water. 

Castles & Gardens: Get inspired!

Castles & Gardens itineraries

Whether you have a full day to spend or just half, here's a selection of suggested itineraries for taking in the best sights and experiences of Castle...

Leisure Lakes

For a beautiful day beside or on the water, you needn’t simply take to the seaside: head inland and enjoy the many Leisure Lakes near Amsterdam.

Amstel River Countryside

Amsterdam has a green oasis right on its doorstep, meaning everyone can easily enjoy the natural diversity of the Amstel River Countryside.

Where next?

Flowers of Amsterdam

If you're lucky enough to visit Amsterdam in spring, don't miss a visit to the nearby flower growing region. See the flower strip or 'Bollenstreek' bu...

Old Holland

With its countless windmills, churches and old-fashioned farmhouses, stepping out into Old Holland can feel like being in a Golden Age painting.

Amsterdam Beach

When the temperatures soar in Amsterdam, sun-seekers flock to the Dutch coast and the beaches at Bloemendaal and Zandvoort to bask on the sands and so...