Salomon Verbeeck (1632-1685)

This was once the official residence of the bell-ringer of the Oude Kerk (Old Church). In the mid-seventeenth century this post was held by the internationally renowned Salomon Verbeeck. He was immensely popular with the people of Amsterdam: Vondel even wrote a poem to the chimes of the Oude Kerk – in which he praised both the bell-caster François Hemony and the player Verbeeck. City historian Melchior Fokkens was also full of praise for the ‘soet geluyt der nieuw gegoten klokken’ (‘the sweet sound of newly cast bells’). The Groningen-born Verbeeck had been promoted from bell-ringer of the Zuiderkerk to that of the Oude Kerk in 1659. At the same time he was the main carillon player of the Beurs, which also had a carillon in its tower. Later on Verbeeck also rang the bells in the Regulierstoren – now known as the Munt Tower. He also advised on the tuning of carillons and preparing them to be played, such as the carillon in the Laurenskerk in Rotterdam. After Salomon Verbeeck’s death in 1685 his son and successor Anthony was allowed to stay in the bell-ringer’s abode at the Oude Kerk. Eight years later the new bell-ringer Evert Havercamp took up residence there.


Image: City Archive Amsterdam