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Entrepot restaurant signature dishes
Image from Flare Department

Restaurants and bars in De Plantage

In De Plantage, you’ll come across both sophisticated fine-dining and casual brunch spots along with countless options for beer lovers, caffeine addicts and cocktail buffs. There is plenty of choice if you want to break up a day of sightseeing with a picnic in the park or on the sun-drenched terrace of a lively brown bar. And for a pre-theatre dinner, you’ll find an array of restaurants, pubs and family-friendly neighbourhood joints that are well-loved by locals and visitors alike. 

Box Sociaal

Box Sociaal café-restaurant signature dishes
Image from Box Sociaal

Box Sociaal secured its credentials with its stand-out brunch, mind-blowing burgers and mega helpings of Aussie charm. The team has now moved on to conquer the evening menu with a seamless fusion of flavours from around the world constructed into playful, well-thought-out dishes. Stand out plates include the compressed watermelon dusted with feta snow and dukkah or the chef’s take on bibimbap - made from gochujang spiced pork belly lovingly prepared over several days. Alongside an excellent natural wine list, the bespoke cocktail menu has been created by the mixologist masterminds behind Vesper Bar, featuring perhaps the best negroni you’ll find in town. For dessert, you need to try the churros flavoured with pandan leaf (a fragrant Southeast Asian aromatic) and a lemongrass and lime white choccy dipping sauce. Good vibes all round.


Coulisse restaurant signature dishes
Image from Coulisse

Laid-back fine-dining at its best, Coulisse serves a varied menu guided by the seasons. It opened mid-pandemic, so owners Simon and Tim know how best to whip up a culinary knockout in a crisis. With collective experience gained at Oud Sluis, The Jane and Noma, the young foodie entrepreneurs have put together a thoughtful menu bursting with impressive veg, seafood, and game-led dishes. Wine is an important component of each meal and you'll see a good balance of organic and traditionally-produced wines on the list.

Gollem aan het Water

People sitting on the terrace of Gollem Aan Het Water at Entrepotdok
Image from Koen Smilde

Located right behind the zoo, Gollem aan het Water is a fantastic little neighbourhood bar with a colossal beer selection. Unlike your typical brown cafe, the space inside is bright and airy with large French doors that open out onto a sunny stretch of Entrepotdok. From the terrace, you have views across to Artis so you can glimpse the bobbing heads of elephants and hear the sea lions for free. The bar stocks over 130 beers, the most local of which are brewed right here in Amsterdam along with Dutch and Belgian classics. If the selection is a little overwhelming you can go for a tasting flight ft. optional cheese board to ease you in.


SOTTO Pizza signature dishes
Image from Danielle Reizevoort visual artist

The mouth-watering image above should tell you everything you need to know about SOTTO, De Plantage’s very own Neapolitan-inspired pizza joint. The components for each pizza are expertly-sourced; San Marzano tomatoes (the exceptionally flavourful ones grown in volcanic soil) are used for the sauce and high-quality toppings like buffalo mozzarella are procured straight from Italy. The wood-fired brick oven was built especially by an Italian oven-building master and the restaurant hopes to get its stamp of approval from the guardians of pizza authenticity - the Associazione Verace Pizza Napoletana - any day now.

Dignita Hoftuin

Dignita Hoftuin brunch restaurant
Image from Koen Smilde

Enjoy great coffee, brunch dishes and a dazzling spread of cakes and pastries at Dignita, a sun-soaked cafe set in the exquisite surroundings of the Hoftuin. A window seat overlooking the garden or on the spacious terrace is the perfect spot for lunch with mum, friends, or maybe just to read the paper. As you’re munching on carrot cake or the signature eggs benedict (two particularly highly-rated items on the menu), you can absolutely feel good because the restaurant is part of a not-for-profit initiative that helps vulnerable adults to get back into the workplace.

Cafe Eik & Linde

Eik en Linde interior
Image from Eik en Linde

This classic brown bar in the heart of De Plantage has a warm atmosphere and a long history. The first incarnation of the drinking hole opened in 1772 with a location slap bang in the middle of Artis where the wolf enclosure is today. The new Eik & Linde IV has been around since 1967 and you can tell that many cosy drinking sessions have taken place there over the decades. Expect to find a great selection of bottled brews and reasonably priced draught beers to take over the billiard table for a couple of rounds. There’s also a good stock of board games to while away some hours with friends and a hearty selection of traditional Dutch dishes to try on the menu.

Cafe-Restaurant de Plantage

Café-Restaurant de Plantage in the evening with sparkly lights.
Image from Maarten van der Wal

The lantern-lit sycamore trees and expansive terrace of Cafe-Restaurant de Plantage on the beautiful Artisplein make it perhaps the most romantic setting to dine in the city. Situated in the heart of Amsterdam’s pleasure gardens, the elegant conservatory restaurant exudes sophistication coupled with a laid-back atmosphere and large windows overlooking the zoo’s flamingo enclosure. The menu is inspired by Mediterranean and Levantine flavours with dishes like Basque fish soup, marinated lamb or oyster shawarma with tabbouleh demonstrating the creativity and skill of the chefs.

De Groene Olifant

Groene Olifant café-restaurant bar
Image from Groene Olifant

This cosy pub, De Groene Olifant, has been a well-loved neighbourhood haunt for generations. The 19th-century wood-panelled bar and art-deco stained glass are reminders of the building’s history whilst the modern decor creates a fresh bohemian vibe without falling prey (like some bars in the area) to being overbearingly hip. In the lofted dining room you can choose from a short but tasty list of lunch, dinner and snacking options and there is a large street-side terrace that’s popular with locals on a warm evening.


Entrepot restaurant interior
Image from Flare Department

The attentive service and surprising flavours at Entrepot make it one of the most delightful casual fine-dining experiences in the city. Inside, the atmosphere is comfortable and breezy with decor that’s reminiscent of a converted loft space. The chefs adjust the menu daily with a focus on fish, vegetables and game dishes sourced according to seasonal availability. Each plate has a deceptive simplicity where humble ingredients like fennel or beetroot are lovingly-prepared and given space to shine.