Amsterdam open air cinema

A huge screen shows national and international feature films, documentaries, short films and animations that have not (yet) been shown in cinemas in the Netherlands. The secret of Pluk de Nacht's success are the initiators: a group of friends with a great love for film . They select the gems from various film festivals that were not released in the Netherlands or that have only reached a small audience.

From your lazy beach chair

On the Stenen Hoofd city beach (a stone's throw from Central Station) you can watch the films with a great view of the IJ.

The festival site is open for the evening films from 19:00. On the weekend (and in warm weather) possibly a little earlier, keep an eye on the social channels. The movies start at 9 p.m.

3 x Pluck the Night Mini

Last year Pluk Mini has been expanded to three afternoons/evenings for children large and small. On Sunday afternoon, from 2 p.m., Pluck Mini kicks off and admission is free.

On Friday evening, from 19:00, it is time for the older children (9+) and their friends to enjoy their movie night and on Saturday evening, we are ready for the over 12s.

The titles on these two evenings are now known, check the program . These film evenings cost 5 euros per child, including a nice soft drink! Book your ticket quickly, on the film page of the film in question. Parents can enjoy themselves outside, at the bar or by a fire.

Check out the Pluk de Nacht site for more information and to reserve your ticket. The entrance fee is for the rent of your beach chair, the film and a nice drink!