About Kaboom

Kaboom adores animation. We live it, we breathe it, we devour it like an unguarded bag of cookies. At Kaboom, we believe animation is not just a genre of film: it’s more than film. It’s a perplexingly diverse medium that offers us so much more than anvils falling on coyotes. Because we want to shout this from the rooftops, we created Kaboom Animation Festival, a progressive and inclusive festival in the Netherlands that celebrates animation in all its glorious shapes and sizes. 

We aim to combine cutting-edge experimental arthouse with the very best of what animation has to offer. Think fun, art, awe and wonder, on the big screen and behind it, and for all generations. With our theme program, we also try to make you think about larger issues at play in society—all without lecturing you, because we’re curators, not reverends.

Kaboom Kids

Kaboom Kids will take place across various venues in Utrecht and focus exclusively on animation for curious kids and families. 

More information?

Check out the website of Kaboom Animation Festival for more information, tickets and the programme.