Artis in the evening

Letting Amsterdam’s party animals in, ZOOmeravonden welcomes guests to explore the Artis Royal Zoo during the summer evenings until sunset. Some of the animals will be shaking off the last bit of energy before bed, while others will still be wide-eyed and of course those nocturnal animals are just waking up. So come get up close and personal with the furry and feathered kind. Zookeepers and animal carers are on hand throughout the zoo to share the secrets of the creatures.

Live music and activities

If the choir of lion roars and bird chirps aren’t enough, adding to the entertainment are well-known Dutch musicians and students from Amsterdam’s music academy taking to the bandstand to serenade the audience. Guests can also take part in workshops, guided tours and activities for children. Dinner is served with picnics and barbecued delicacies available to eat on the lawn.

Stay in the know

The name ZOOmeravonden is a play on words with Zoo and Zomer, the Dutch for summer, while ‘avonden’ means evenings. The Artis Royal Zoo is just east of the city’s centre. For more information visit the Artis Royal Zoo website.

Please note: Artis is a smoke-free park.