Flowers and art in Aalsmeer

Aalsmeer is best known for its international flower auction, FloraHolland, but the Flower Festival puts the village itself in the spotlight. The festival celebrates its first lustrum in 2018, which guarantees an extra festive touch. In the former flower auction Bloemenlust (now The Beach, Oosteinderweg), arrangers present the party theme in special flower arrangements.

Hana Ike Battles

Here the Hana Ike Battles also take place: short, fast competitions between flower stylists. Hana Ike comes from Japan, where it is a well known kind of ‘floral entertainment’. For the festival, two Japanese flower artists come to Aalsmeer, where they will battle with Dutch flower arrangers. Children and adults can also join in with Bloemenlust for all kinds of workshops. In addition, there are presentations by artists and floriculture companies and visitors can follow a tour through the old auction building.

Historical garden

The other location is horticultural museum Historische Tuin, located in a beautiful setting near the waterfront (Praamplein). During the festival there is an exhibition with the most beautiful and newest varieties of roses. Public auctions are held in the auction room. There are also special performances and exhibitions. In the greenhouses of the museum many old, fragrant flower varieties.

Practical Information

Aalsmeer Flower Festival is 16 and 17 June from 11 am to 5 pm. Tickets cost € 7.50 and are valid throughout the weekend. The admission is free for children up to the age of 14. With a ticket you can also make use of the shuttle buses between the locations and the water taxis, which make a boat trip of about half an hour from one location to another. Visit the website for more information.