One of Amsterdam's most impressive and popular museums, the Rijksmuseum boasts a diverse collection steeped in more than eight centuries of history – Dutch and international. Of course, visitors can expect to see works from all the Dutch greats: Van Gogh, Rembrandt and more – as well as modern icons.

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No trip to Amsterdam is complete without a visit to the Rijksmuseum. Since it first opened its monumental doors over 200 years ago, the museum has been one of the country's centre points for historical artwork and artefacts. Today, it is is a leader in presenting a panoramic overview of Dutch history and art from the Middle Ages and beyond. But it's not just Dutch collections on show: the Rijksmuseum also boasts an impressive collection of other European and Asian art. 

A stunning location

You'll be impressed before you've even set foot in the museum, thanks to its stunning architecture and surroundings. Located on Museumplein (Museum Square), the Rijksmuesum is easily one of the city's grandest and most photogenic spots. And entry is free if you're an I amsterdam City Card holder! Or if you plan on spending an entire day in this spectacular museum, book your Rijksmuseum ticket online so that you can skip the line!

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Current and upcoming exhibitions

Lucas van Leyden masterpiece

Museumstraat 1
Until September 2018, the Rijksmuseum’s Gallery of Honour is hosting 'The Last Judgement' (1526-27), a sixteenth-century work of g...


Museumstraat 1
24/06/2017 - 22/07/2018
Discover the largest lace collection in the Netherlands, comprised of around 3,500 pieces – dating from the late 16th century up u...

80 Years' War

Museumstraat 1
12/10/2018 - 20/01/2019
This year marks 450 years since the start of the Eighty Years' War – the rebellion by the Netherlands under the leadership of Will...

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Rijksmuseum guided tours

Museumstraat 1
Groups of up to 20 people are allowed to bring their own guide with them. The guide can come along free of charge. Groups are also...

Rijksmuseum app

Experience more of the Rijksmuseum with the app that shows you extra details of the artworks, leads on you on guided tours and lets you book tick...

Rijksmuseum Schiphol

Achter de paspoortcontrole tussen de E- en de F-Pier
Originally opened in December 2002, the Rijksmuseum at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol was the first ever museum in an airport, and the...


Museumstraat 2
RIJKS, the restaurant of the Rijksmuseum, offers a locally-sourced menu that complements a lengthy stroll through the rooms of the...

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