Corona measures

Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum has taken measures to enable a safe visit. Buy your tickets in advance and prepare your visit well. Check the link for more information 

A journey through the history of cannabis

Take a journey through the fascinating world of the cannabis plant at the Hash Marihuana & Hemp Museum. Divided over two canal houses you will find an extensive collection of botanical prints, pipes, anti-reefer propaganda, paintings of smokers, vintage medicine bottles, hemp paper and textiles. Indeed, the history of marijuana goes far beyond the world-famous coffee shops.

The many uses of cannabis

Modern medical research shows how cannabis could help millions of patients. However, as early as 1880, cannabis was an everyday medicine in the Western world. In fact, its use for pain relief in traditional Chinese medicine dates back thousands of years. And there is more…

After wood, hemp was the most used material in 17th century shipbuilding. Hemp fiber is nowadays used by BMW and Mercedes in the manufacture of ultra-light and strong door panels. Hemp seeds are a hip superfood. The versatile cannabis plant thus offers a sustainable alternative to many raw materials.

What to expect from a visit

Take a moment to consider the 17th-century paintings of Dutch smokehouses, painted by Rembrandt's contemporaries, before making your way to the cannabis garden with real cannabis plants. View original hemp textile designs from the major fashion houses Louis Vuitton and Ralph Lauren .

A free audio tour is available and a unique temporary exhibition can be seen regularly.