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Image from Shutterstock

North African restaurants to check out in Amsterdam

Discover the vibrant culinary scene of Amsterdam through its best North African restaurants. From Algerian spices to Moroccan delights, these dining establishments offer a sensory journey to the heart of North Africa, all within the city’s vast gastronomic landscape.


Rue de la Bastille

In the spirit of traditional small North African shops, Rue de la Bastille is a restaurant with a catering service, that proposes fresh and healthy dishes prepared every day. It interweaves traditional Mediterranean flavours with a modern twist and has plenty of vegan and vegetarian options.

Rue La Bastille | Eerste Constantijn Huygensstraat 29H / Haarlemmerdijk 66H


This Algerian kitchen specialises in nomadic cuisine, a culinary tradition shaped by the need for mobility, simplicity, and adaptability to a mobile lifestyle. As a result, Nomadic cuisine offers a variety of dishes made from fresh ingredients. At the restaurant near Westerpark, it is possible to eat traditionally at low tables on cushions and carpets, or on chairs at tables covered with linen.

Raïnaraï | Polonceaukade 40


Abu Amr

Roz li leban, Egyptian dessert at Abu Amr
Image from Abu Amr

Are you curious about Egypt's most famous street food? Then get some take-out from Abu Amr. The vegan restaurant, named after its Egyptian owner, serves koshari, the country's national dish - a mix of pasta, lentils, rice, spicy tomato sauce, chickpeas and crispy fried onions. There are also several filled pitas on the menu, such as pita falafel with broad beans and green herbs and pita hawawshi with vegan minced meat, fried onion and green peppers.

Abu Amr | Eerste Oosterparkstraat 91


Image from Divided By Three

Named after the traditional Egyptian flatbread, Hawawshi is the first and only Egyptian street food dine-in located in the centre of Amsterdam. The main star of the restaurant, Hawashi, is served with vegan, chicken, and ribeye options. Side dishes such as salads and potatoes are also available.

Hawawshi | Kinkerstraat 142 C-H


CousCous Club

As implied by its name, CousCous Club is all about… Couscous, made with fresh produce. There are three main variations of couscous available: vegetarian, homemade and royal. Ecological plus: the vegetables and herbs used by the restaurant come from a greenhouse located right behind it!

CousCous Club | Ceintuurbaan 346, 1072 GP Amsterdam


Marhaba is about to open its fourth location in Amsterdam and has built a solid reputation in 20 years in offering wholesome, halal, and budget-friendly meals. The restaurant also has a catering service. It also has a breakfast menu with five different dishes available, available at their Marhaba West or Marhaba East restaurants.

Marhaba | Bos en Lommerweg 143 / Eerste Oosterparkstraat 123 BG / Johan Huizingalaan 87

Paloma Blanca

Open on evenings, Paloma Blanca lets you enjoy all the classic Moroccan dishes in an atmospheric, terracotta-toned setting. The menu proposes couscous, tajine, meat, and a couple of soup and salad options at affordable prices. The restaurant also offers a takeaway service, available directly on their website.

Paloma Blanca | Jan Pieter Heijestraat 145


At Mamouche, you can savour the most delectable dishes in the cosy ambience of candlelight. Their cuisine is an elegant fusion of French culinary techniques and the time-honoured flavours of Moroccan home cooking. The menu boasts a delightful selection, featuring tajines, couscous, and a must-try exquisite veal liver dish.

Restaurant Mamouche | Quellijnstraat 104

Du Maroc

Located in New-West, Du Maroc is an excellent option if you are hungry and looking for a quick, but delicious, fix. Along with traditional dishes, Du Maroc also proposes fish and meat grill specialties, prepared from their open kitchen.

Restaurant du Maroc | Comeniusstraat 513