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Petit by Sam pastries
Image from Nienke van Denderen

Gluten-free food in Amsterdam

Ten years ago, gluten avoiders were still forced to nibble on dry rice cakes from a lunchbox. That’s all changed nowadays, as there are many places in Amsterdam where you can get the most delicious gluten-free cakes, sandwiches, pizza and much more. Here’s our roundup of the top gluten-free restaurants and cafes to keep your belly happy.

Rose & Vanilla

Whether you have a gluten allergy, are lactose intolerant or both: Rose & Vanilla is the place to go for cakes, cookies, lunch and more that will be kind to your belly. There delicious range was previously stocked only in organic supermarkets, but since early 2023, they’ve set up their own beautiful cake cafe in Oud-West. Stop by for lunch or coffee and a slice of cake (even if you do not have allergies).

Rose & Vanilla | 1e Constantijn Huygensstraat 74, Oud-West

Loulou Pizzabar

Loulou Pizzabar
Image from Loulou Pizzabar

Finding decent gluten-free pizza sometimes seems almost impossible. But not at Loulou Pizzabar, where their ultimate gluten-free pizza is developed in their pizza lab in Italy. The thin and crispy crust (made from pea flour, rice flour and corn flour) topped with fresh tomato sauce, rivals "normal" pizza. The vast choice of toppings, from prosciutto cotto to marinated octopus, rounds it out.

Loulou Pizzabar | Weesperzijde 42A, Oost

There are several more gluten-free pizza spots to be found in Amsterdam. Fix your pizza cravings at Pizza Amsterdam, Lucca Due and Pizzalab, among others.


Exterior of Spaghetteria and terrace on Van Woustraat in De Pijp
Image from Verity Seward

Nothing beats a warming dollop of comfort food. And what could be better than pasta without the stomach ache? Fortunately, in Amsterdam, you never have to look far because, with eight locations across the city, there is bound to be a Spaghetteria near you. The Italian chefs prepare fresh pasta for the daily changing menu- full of flavour and without fuss. Nearly all the dishes on the menu can be served in a gluten-free version. Buon appetito!

Spaghetteria | citywide locations

Wild & The Moon

Food at Wild & The Moon
Image from Alice Pages

A group of like-minded chefs, nutritionists and naturopaths share their way of healthy living with you at Wild & The Moon, now with four locations around town. Here you can only order honest food that is good for you, good for the planet and above all, very tasty. Everything is gluten-free (and sugar-, lactose- and milk-free). Start your day with the moon porridge or a matcha bowl, enjoy a banh mi for lunch and end the day well with a pizzeta, salad bowl or burger. And don't forget to take home a detox juice.

Wild & The Moon | citywide locations

Arepa Shop Amsterdam

Sandwich at Arepa
Image from Tony Alvarez

White corn flour + water + salt + lots of love = a tasty meal courtesy of Arepa Shop Amsterdam. Their arepas and empanadas, naturally gluten-free, are stuffed with all kinds of ingredients: beef, cheese, tempeh - you name it. Depending on the filling, these packages make for the perfect breakfast, lunch, dinner or everything in between.

Arepa Shop Amsterdam | Anthony Fokkerweg 61, Zuid

Petit by Sam

Petit by Sam pastries
Image from Nienke van Denderen

This delightful patisserie is where you'll find a diverse selection of pastries, cookies, bars and more, made with nutritious alternatives to flour and butter. The vast majority of treats are vegan, gluten-free and/or lactose-free. Party planned? Then you've come to the right place for larger gluten-free cakes made to order.

Petit by Sam | Vijzelstraat 93-H, Centrum

SUE Bites Bar

SUE's Bites Bar, in the heart of the Jordaan, is the place to go for the various gluten- and sugar-free bites, as well as all kinds of other goodies, such as cookies, banana bread, date truffles, granola and more. While you're there, grab an excellent coffee to-go and browse the sustainable retail products by Marie Stella Maris, Serax, Studio Timmerman and others.

SUE Bites Bar | Elandsgracht 4, Centrum

Craft Coffee & Pastry

What do you miss most when you don't eat gluten? For many, the answer is: croissants! People flock from all over the world to Craft Coffee & Pastry in De Pijp - a 100% gluten-free bakery making croissants in many varieties, crostatas, muffins, baguettes and many more treats. Take them home for later or eat them right away while enjoying a cup of coffee (with a gluten-free cookie, of course).

Craft Coffee & Pastry | Gerard Doustraat 103A, De Pijp

De Glutenvrije Winkel

Most people who do not eat gluten probably already know the De Glutenvrije Winkel (The Gluten-Free Shop), but of course, it should not be missing from this list. It is not only a store with a large assortment of gluten-free products but also a knowledge centre and an eatery. Enjoy a cup of coffee with gluten-free cake before loading up your shopping basket with all the essentials you need.

De Glutenvrije Winkel | Pretoriusstraat 37, Oost

Croque Madame

Gluten-free lunch in the centre of Amsterdam? Stroll past Croque Madame, a cosy bistro where all the menu items are 100% gluten-free. Whether you opt for a delicious burger, tosti, sandwich, pastry or another sweet snack, you never have to worry about cross-contamination in the kitchen.

Croque Madame | Sint Annendwarsstraat 24A, Centrum