Square sprouts

Every week Instock saves about 2000 kilos of food. Why? Every year a third of food production is wasted, which amounts to about 1.3 billion tons of food wasted. That is a great shame! Instock therefore puts food waste on the map, literally and figuratively. For example, that brown banana becomes banana ice cream and that square sprout suddenly becomes kimchi for your burger! Instock is open seven days a week, for breakfast, lunch, dinner or just a cup of coffee or a drink on the terrace.

New Approach

From now on, Instock will also offer a stage for other chefs and food producers who work with rescued ingredients. From now on, the drinks will get more attention, more space will be offered to the arts of the bartender and the barista!

Extra terrace in the evening sun

Instock Amsterdam has a spacious terrace in front of the restaurant. Here you can enjoy a homemade ice tea or a delicious rescued dish in the morning and afternoon sun. An extra terrace has been created at the back of the building where you can enjoy the afternoon sun, with a view of the Oostenburgerpark and catch your last rays of light.

Room rental

Would you like to organize a company drink, eat out with a large group or is there another event for which you are looking for a location? Our “Stockrooms” are versatile rooms that are fully equipped with beamer, screen, WiFi, electricity, microphone, cleaning and flipchart. If you want to know more about the stock rooms per location, visit the website.

Pub quiz

If you are a bit competitive and a team player with a broad general knowledge, come and join the pub quiz every last Wednesday of the month. Register with a maximum of 6 people per team and compete to win the quiz. If you win your quiz, this is your prize: A fully reimbursed drink bill for your team ! Sign up by sending an email

In-stock products

Do you want to know how you can prevent food waste, give our cookbook Instock Cooking as a gift. It is packed with recipes and tips. If you prefer to give something liquid, choose two delicious rescued beers: the Pieper Bier (partly made from rescued potatoes) and the Bammetjes Bier (partly made from rescued sandwiches). With a six pack of our beer you are guaranteed to make someone happy! Beer for breakfast, the Instock Granola the breakfast cereals made from the residual flow that is created during the brewing of our beer. This so-called brewer's grain is full of fiber and is therefore completely suitable as a breakfast product.