Tuck into margarita sours and superb jackfruit tacos at this lively plant-based restaurant that was recently installed on Westerstraat, Madre offers a fine selection of delicious comfort food dishes including mushroom quesadillas made with shiitake and truffle oil, cauliflower tacos smothered in chipotle sauce and zingy salads with mega helpings of avocado. The cocktail list pairs perfectly with the food - we can stop banging on about the ice-cold granita made with mezcal, lime and ginger.

Local Dealer

Local Dealer amsterdamThis colourful and casual diner on the Dappermarkt has a straight-to-the-point concept, serving tacos, ceviche and antojitos (little snacks) to the salsa-craving people of Amsterdam-Oost. At Local Dealer, the tacos are filled up with everything from carne asada (grilled steak) to barbacoa lamb or Holy Pastor (their delicious vegan option with grilled pineapple). They also host a brunch event on Sundays - think huevos rancheros, breakfast burritos, chilaquiles, and some of the best bloody marys in town - as DJs spin funky tunes. On warm evenings, mezcals, margaritas, micheladas and bottles of Modelo beer fly off the bar onto the lively outdoor terrace - we'd recommend reserving a spot if the sun is out.

Coba Taqueria

Coba Taqueria Amsterdam Noord Front of BuildingYou haven’t tasted proper Mexican cuisine until you’ve been to... well, Mexico. But if that option is not available to you right now, the salsas at Coba Taqueria reach out-of-this-world levels of complexity and the margaritas always get the party started. Indulge in sublime small plates and intriguing tequilas in the cheerful, unpolished interiors complete with wicker stools and cactuses positioned here and there. The menu features a daring array of tacos and tostadas: one tortilla is stuffed with soft-cooked pork neck and grilled pineapple, and another contains octopus, brown beans and peanuts. Whilst Coba is one of the pricier Mexican establishments in town, you'll be remembering how good the meal was months after your visit.


Bacalar tacos AmsterdamTacos and tostadas tear out of the kitchen at this hip taqueria located in a former parking garage. Inside, the dim lighting and eclectic furniture add to the pop-up bohemian vibe that is typical of Amsterdam Noord, brightened by the friendly and dedicated staff. Highlights at Bacalar include the taco de pulpo, delicious fried octopus on a bed of ground peanuts, beans and soft purple tortilla or the black pudding tacos paired with mango and a habanero salsa. The cocktail menu is equally exceptional, with micheladas, mezcals and margaritas giving alliteration a good name.


What started as a BBQ with friends in the park before moving on to pop-up events across the city, MasMais has now found a permanent spot in Bos en Lommer. Describing itself as a next-generation taqueria, this friendly neighbourhood eatery was inspired by the bold flavours of the streets and markets of Mexico. We'd recommend starting with the pulpo and carnitas tacos - all wrapped in soft, hand-pressed tortillas. Wash all this down with a smokey paloma (made with mezcal) or some Mexican beers to really get into the fiesta spirit.

Restaurant Fiona

Fiona AmsterdamFiona is a new eatery inspired by Mexico’s most famous female chef, Zahie Téllez, who oversaw the menu here. It’s a vibrant spot with cool vibes, décor that would sit comfortably in trendy Tulum, and seasonal plates. Start with the pumpkin seed paté with habanero chillies and crudité before indulging in the meltingly tender pork confit, served with raw onion, coriander, black beans, salsa verde and soft tortillas. Still hungry? The raw beef tostada with chilli oil, avocado mayo and crispy leeks is tasty and the roasted cauliflower with beetroot mole is an interesting take on tradition

Los Pilones

Founded 20 years ago by three Mexican brothers, you know you're getting the real deal at Los Pilones. The extensive menu is packed with variations on famous dishes such as enchiladas and tacos, whilst more adventurous eaters can try out lesser-known specialties such as cochinita pibil - a slow-roasted pork stew of Mayan origin from the Yucatán. At the Nieuwmarkt location you'll find their taquería, serving up 14 different types of tacos including camarones a la diabla using spicy prawns or the toluca showcasing cactus.

Salsa Shop

With the aim of setting new standards in fast food ('good food, fast' is their motto), Salsa Shop serves up freshly made Mexican and Tex-Mex meals using the most natural ingredients available. Pick up a burrito, salad, burrito bowl or three tacos to take-away or for delivery from their growing army of locations in Amsterdam. All meals come with your choice of six signature salsas, ranging in intensity from the Rollin' Roasted Tomato to the Fiery Yellow Habanero, which comes with a warning - and for very good reason. Only the bravest need apply!

Calle Ocho

Calle Ocho AmsterdamNamed after the main street in Little Havana - the heart and soul of Cuban and Latin American culture in Miami, Calle Ocho blends multicultural cuisines to offer a menu with feisty flavours and surprising ingredients. Though you can always find tacos and freshly made salsas, the chefs change the menu weekly to highlight the different cuisines of South and Central America. Treat yourself to freshly-made chilled ceviche and chicken tinga or, if you’re in the mood for a challenge, test out a dish featuring the impossibly hot Trinidad moruga scorpion pepper. Of course, you can cool off with a refreshing margarita from the bar.

Louie Louie

Open every day until the wee hours of the morning, Louie Louie – inspired by the 1960s rhythm and blues hit – gives you a taste of Mexico and a little bit more. With menu items such as huevos rancheros in the morning and salmon tiradito in the evening, you’ll be able to try out the daily cuisine of Latin America without ever leaving Amsterdam. At the bar, sample the agave-based Mexican mezcal, or try a twist on the classic Cuban mojito. But there’s truly something for everyone at Louie Louie – Korean BBQ appears on the menu in a quesadilla for an Asian-Latin American fusion dish

Chiapas Taco Cartel 

Inspired by the street food of the Chiapas region in Mexico, the Chiapas Taco Cartel is as casual as the cuisine it’s modelled after. You can grab your tacos to go, get them delivered or stay in for a quick meal – but be prepared to serve yourself, as there are no waiters in sight. The menu, which offers only tacos, doesn’t claim to be authentic Mexican. Instead, the Taco Cartel puts a spin on the classics: the Beef Chipotle tacos are paired with pickled carrots, while Sweet Spring gets green asparagus and broad beans.

Mr Haz Tacobar

Mr Haz Tacos AmsterdamThis funky little taqueria is the perfect pitstop to fill your tum on a night of bar-hopping through the lively Jordaan neighbourhood. The menu at Mr Haz is straight-to-the-point and effective, offering kick-ass tacos stuffed with your choice of fish, pulled meats or veggies (and several vegan and vegetarian options to boot). We’d recommend washing all this down with a tasting flight of tequilas and mezcals (all made from 100% agave) or a pitcher of margarita to share between friends.