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Ter Marsch&Co Vijzelstraat steak
Image from Ter Marsch&Co

Best steak and meat restaurants in Amsterdam

You can find a steak on the menu of almost every cafe or restaurant, but you won't get the perfect tender steak everywhere. Meat eaters will enjoy these favourite steak houses in Amsterdam.


Let's face it, we could all use a bit more South American fuego in our bored bones. Rekindle that fire with an authentic Argentine steak from Salmuera. The restaurant is named after the brine the Argentines use to make their steaks spicy and tender. After the meat is cooked in front of you on a traditional asado grill, you'll enjoy the tenderest steak you've ever eaten between the rough brick walls by cinematic neon light in Sal. An excellent place for a date because if the blood doesn't start flowing here, a hot night is not in it anyway.

Salmuera | Rozengracht 106


Basque restaurant Sagardi serves up culinary feasts where Galician beef frequently takes centre stage. Expect authentic, exciting dishes, such as a steak tartare or sweetbreads with beautiful earthy Belza mushrooms. The showpiece is the Txuleton, a kind of Basque Cote de Boeuf that is prepared on a grill and topped with generous sea salt, making it astonishingly juicy and with a mind-blowing crispy crust. The service here is extremely hospitable, the atmosphere relaxed and the regular menu is bursting with pintxos, fish and vegetables, making Sagardi a feast for the non-meat eater too.

Sagardi | Spuistraat 304

Pendergast Smokehouse

Pendergast could have been the name of the Scandinavian god of the hunt, but it's just the name of this cosy smokehouse near the Westerpark. Here the meat is prepared the American way, low and slow, smouldering and simmering, surrounded by the smoke of wood from Dutch fruit trees. The cosy atmosphere in the restaurant gives the comfort of your own home, although you will not eat such tasty meat there. Black Angus with a glass of smoky whiskey next to it. That's the way it should be.

Pendergast Smokehouse | Groen van Prinstererstraat 14

Loetje aan ’t IJ

Loetje restaurant signature dishes
Image from Loetje

The legendary Loetje already has six locations in Amsterdam, and at all of their places, you can get a tenderloin steak that you will remember weeks later. At Loetje aan 't IJ the steak tastes even better, especially because of the large terrace with a view over the water. The steak is served in a pool of its gravy, and you know immediately why the two never really be separated.

Loetje aan 't IJ | Werfkade 14

Cannibale Royale

Inside the Cannibale Royale
Image from Cannibale Royale

The name says it all: at Cannibale Royale they don't feel like haute cuisine, small bites and exaggerated etiquette. Here everything revolves around meat and, above all, the perfectly prepared steak. However, their burgers are also one of our favourites in Amsterdam. Visitors with monstrous hunger can't believe their luck at Cannibale Royale, as there is a 1000 gram steak waiting for you in the kitchen. Meat-lovers paradise.

Cannibale Royale | Ruysdaelkade 149 / Handboogstraat 17A / Lange Niezel 15-H / mt. Ondinaweg 32

Café Carbon

Café Carbon is the modern steakhouse you never knew you needed. They serve a fantastic steak, but the menu is also full of other delicacies for the Burgundian carnivore. For those who want to work hard with their hands, Café Carbon has famous spare ribs at a very friendly price. This is a place where you sit all evening, smiling with the belt a little looser, thinking that life is actually pretty good.

Café Carbon | Van Woustraat 174 / Amstelveenseweg 312  

Midtown Grill

At Midtown Grill, they go above and beyond to make sure the juicy steak you're about to order ends up right from the farm to your plate. Only the highest quality steaks are served here, including certified dry-aged steak from America. If you consider yourself a real connoisseur, you must try the elegant and quirky taste of dry-ageing because it is absolutely worth the experience. Listen to the waiters' extensive knowledge about the meat that is served, and you not only have a delicious meal but are a good chunk of knowledge richer.

Midtown Grill | Stadhouderskade 12

Ter Marsch & Co

Ter Marsch&Co Vijzelstraat signature dishes
Image from Ter Marsch&Co

Ter Marsch & Co are best known for their knock-out burgers made with Wagyu or Spanish Black Angus beef patties and creative toppings. Their dry-aged steak is equally delicious, which is left in the maturing cabinet so it gets a very tender structure and a more intense taste. Try it served with fries, grilled asparagus, béarnaise sauce and cheese peanut crumble for a novel twist.

Ter Marsch & Co | Vijzelstraat 4 / Kalverstraat 96