Make the most of life in Amsterdam by becoming a part of the community around you! Enjoy the very best in culture, eating and drinking, performances and family fun. And by joining groups and clubs or participating in courses and workshops, you can develop an extensive network of friends and professional acquaintances throughout the city. 

Student associations

Being a student in Amsterdam is an amazing experience – there’s no doubt about that, but there’s so much going on that it can sometimes get a little o...

180 amsterdammers

From Peru to Paraguay and Botswana to Belarus, we are seeking Amsterdammers of diverse nationalities to share their story as part of the 180 Amsterda...

Community centres

Neighbourhood centres and rooms serve as a homely meeting place for local residents in their own neighbourhood. Anyone living in the local area can jo...

Amsterdam’s cultural life

Don’t be fooled by Amsterdam’s village-like charm: this is a European capital and as such offers an exciting art, music, film and theatre scene.