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Couple using the I Amsterdam App
Image from Caecilia Rasch

I amsterdam City Card FAQ

Here are our customer's most frequently asked questions about the I amsterdam City Card.

General questions

  • What is the City Card

The I amsterdam City Card is a travel pass that grants you access to the best attractions and museums in the Amsterdam Area. From 24 to 120 hours, the Card is tailored to the duration of your visit.

  • What is included in the City Card

The City Card gives you:

  • Entrance to over 70+ museums and locations in Amsterdam and the area
  •  Access to city-wide public transport from GVB by metro, tram, bus, and ferry
  • One canal cruise within Amsterdam to explore Amsterdam by water
  • One 24-hour bike rental to explore the city like the locals

Browse all City Card activities here or check out our City Card itineraries and recommended places to visit.

  •  Are Van Gogh and Anne Frank included in the City Card

At this time, Van Gogh and Anne Frank are not included in the City Card. if you’d like to book them separately, we recommend booking these locations as far in advance as possible.

  • How can I buy the City Card

You can order the card directly on our website. You can also buy a city card on the spot in our I amsterdam store, located in the back of Amsterdam Central Station. You can find the address and our opening times here.

  • Are there any children’s discounts

Unfortunately, we don't have special offers for children, however, a lot of Amsterdam museums provide free/discounted entry for children and the GVB (public transport company) sell Day tickets for children.

Curious how much museums cost for children? Download an overview of entrance prices here.

  • How many times can I visit an included location

All included locations have a one-time admission with the City Card. Therefore, it is sadly not possible to visit the same location multiple times.

A couple checks-in at the museum desk with the digital City Card app.
Image from Roos Trommelen Photography

Booking timeslots

  • How can I book timeslots

Most City Card locations do not require a timeslot booking in advance. You can find all the City Card locations that do require a timeslot on our website. Please look up the location you wish to visit and follow the instructions on the page.

  • How do I book the Heineken Experience

The Heineken Experience can be booked through their website.

Please enter your voucher code (this code can be found in your confirmation email; it is a 10-digit code starting with CC-XXXX-XXX). If your cards are already activated, please make sure to enter your card ID instead.

This code can be found in your app underneath the QR code or on the back of your physical card.

  • Do I need to book a timeslot for a canal cruise

You can use your City Card to enjoy a canal cruise at all major canal tour operators in Amsterdam. There is no need to book ahead. Find a departure location near you and hop on a canal boat at a time that suits you. Find departure locations here.

Two men on Museumplein check the Digital City Card app together.
Image from Roos Trommelen Photography

How to use the City Card

  • How do I activate the digital card

If you choose to get the digital City Card you can activate your card via the I amsterdam City Card app by pressing the “get started” button in the app. Please make sure to only press this button when you arrive in Amsterdam. Download the app here.

  • How do I activate the physical card

You can activate your City Card whenever you like. Buy the City Card at any time, and activate your card when you are ready to start exploring the city. If you choose to get the physical City Card, your card will be activated when you first use it in Amsterdam. This can be on public transport from GVB or at one of our included locations.

  • How do I share my City Card

​​​​​​​Please keep in mind that you can only share the cards once. 

When you purchase multiple city cards in one order, they share the same code. 

Initially, you will have to add the cards to one device where they will appear side by side. From here, you can use both cards from the same device or share them through the app. 

To share them, follow these instructions:

From your device: 

  1. Click on the "share cards button (the arrow)" 
  2. Click on Get it, share my card (internet is required)
  3. Scan the QR code from the phone you are trying to send the card to
  4. When the card is shared successfully you will see a confirmation screen and press done to finish the menu. For multiple cards, repeat this step-by-step. 

From the person, you are trying to share the card to: 

  1. Go to the cards menu and click "receive from a friend"
  2. Click on show my QR code (internet required)
  3. Get your QR scanned by the person sharing the cards
  4. After getting your device scanned, click on next - click on "get the card"
  5. If you want to activate the cards: click on "get started", If you don't want to activate click on the x.

 Please keep in mind that you can only share the cards once!

  • Where can I download the City Card app

The I amsterdam City Card is an essential app on your smartphone. Free and user-friendly, this app features a convenient map, provides recommendations tailored to your personal preferences, and allows you to save your favourite locations.

Additionally, it helps you find venues that offer free entry and exclusive discounts, making it ideal for budget-conscious travellers!

A person in a wheelchair taking the tram.
Image from Jan de Ridder

Public transport

  • What public transport is included in the City Card?

Aside from museums and attractions, the City Card includes unlimited access to public transport within Amsterdam, provided by GVB. This includes tram/metro/bus/ferry (the white/blue vehicles). You can also book a 24-hour Bicycle rental for free.

  • How do I use the City Card on public transport
  1. Tap the physical card to the check-in sensor at the entrance to the metro, bus, or tram. If you have a digital card, place the phone with the QR code open under the scanner. If this doesn't work, seek assistance from an employee.
  2.  When you check out, please make sure to check out the same way on your departure of the vehicle.
  3. You can find a video with visual instructions on how to use the city card here.
  • Can I travel from/to Schiphol or Zaandam with the city card

Unfortunately not, trains (NS) and other transport like Connexxion are not included with the City Card, you can buy an additional Amsterdam Region Travel Ticket or separate train tickets for your journey.

  • Where can I purchase train tickets from Schiphol to Amsterdam

You can purchase train tickets and plan your trip with departure and arrival platforms on the NS website

  • I forgot to check out of public transport, now what?

In case you forgot to check out with the City Card, please pass by the GVB Ticket office across from Amsterdam. They can check the card for any issues and assist you further. Here is the address: Stationsplein 6, 1012 AB Amsterdam

Canal cruises

  • What canal cruise operators are included and where can I find a departure location

You can find all the information on departure points and participating companies here.

I have an issue with my City Card

Do you have questions or issues? Contact our City Card support team at