circular economy

The idea of a circular economy is gaining traction, and Amsterdam is at the heart of the revolution. Best of all, the circular economy is not only good for the environment, but also for business.

Circular economy team

Setting up your circular business or project requires specific expertise. Our team has the knowledge and network to help you build your business case....

Circular economy

Amsterdam and the Netherlands are at the forefront of the transition from a linear to a circular economy, in which products and materials are reused a...

Smart Building Conference

Europaboulevard 22
RAI Amsterdam
The Smart Building Conference allows attendees to explore smart building trends, including conference rooms, smart homes, smart of...

Plastics Recycling Show Europe

Europaboulevard 22
RAI Amsterdam
10/04/2019 - 11/04/2019
The Plastics Recycling Show Europe is the first dedicated exhibition for plastics recycling in mainland Europe, bringing together ...

Sharing green energy

Giving power to the people, in more ways than one: the sharing economy takes on energy providers as Vandebron bypasses the big electric corporations t...

Start me up

It‘s been a little over a year since the first start-up visa was awarded in Amsterdam. Three start-up founders who have benefitted talk about their ex...

Slow fashion

Amsterdam is home to more than 100 fashion houses, and it prides itself on being the denim capital of the world. So naturally, the city is no stranger...