Last updated 11 December 2020

Where to find this widget in Sitecore

/sitecore/content/Repository/Widgets/Related Articles Widgets

How to create this widget

  • Insert a new Related Articles Widget.
  • Add a Title that goes above the entire widget.
  • Datasource - set a query (see List Page for more instructions on data queries) for the editorial article topics you want to show. Remember, this widget will only display Editorial Article Page templates.
  • Insert a URL. This is the page that you can link to at the end of your Related Articles list so readers can view more articles. Add an internal link ("Insert Sitecore link") to an overview or landing page, for instance.
  • Number of Articles - set how many you want to show on your page.

The articles items will show the Title and Introduction. So, the longer the introduction, the longer the entire Related Articles widget will become.

Where to use this Widget

Editorial Article Page

News Page

Form Page


See an example of this widget on the right side column of this page.


I don't know. The default widget seems to pull in only editorial articles, but I've seen it both not show the intro text, or not show any articles at all. Nor does it show the amount of articles you've specified. Using a tag query it pulls in news articles after all. So, proceed with caution.