Embed Card widget

The embed card is a popular widget, used a lot around the site.

Last updated 30 December 2020

Where to find this widget in Sitecore

/sitecore/content/Repository/Widgets/Embed Cards

How to create this widget


If you decide to use a green or red button or add the link in the Text in any other way, and don't want the default link to show underneath, you will have to set an external link in the URL field anyway. Otherwise the image won't show! The image will link to the external link you set in the URL field, so make sure it is the page you want it to link to. Just leave the Description field empty.

The disadvantage here is that if the page you're linking to gets moved, the link will break, as it's set as an external link.

Quirk #2 - always choose "Embed Card Extended" placeholder when adding the widget, otherwise your text won't show.

Where to use this widget

Landing Page

Editorial Article Page

News Page

Form Page


A single Embed card is shown below. On a Landing page it will only fit in one of the 3 column placeholders. If you need more than 3 Embed cards on your landing page, consider instead the Contact Person Collections Widget.

This is an Embed Card (extended)

This guy can be a bit tricky. You need to play around with the text to make sure it fits nicely. You need to always have a link inserted for the image to show. Even if you choose to use a fancy red button here, add that button link as external in the link field. Choose "Embed card Extended" when in the Experience Editor, otherwise your text won't show.