Contact Person Collections

The Contact Person Collections allows you to easily group a number of Contact Person Widgets, and add a title above the grouped cards.

Where to find this widget in Sitecore

/sitecore/content/Repository/Widgets/Contact Person Collections

How to create this widget

This one's fairly easy.

Where to use this widget

Landing Page


Though it's called a "Contact Person" collection, you can best use this one for adding custom cards if you've run out of space on your Landing Page for adding single column widgets such as Embed Cards or a single Featured Card widget.

The other advantage is that this widget allows for a title, as opposed to the row of the three single column cards.


You can add this widget through the Experience Editor, however something strange happens. When you've added the widget, the placeholder disappears. Just continue to save and publish your page as though it is there and close out of the Experience Editor. Back in your page, in the Ribbon, go to Presentation > Layout Details > Final Layout and click on the Contact Person Collection Widget. Under General in Data Source browse and add your widget. Click OK and OK, save and publish your page. 


This is a Contact Person Collections Widget

This is a Contact Person Widget

You are free to enter any text here. Remember to H3 the title so it matches the look of the other widgets and cards.

What's weird is the link only shows on the single card (see below), but not when you add it to a Collection widget. Too bad you can't mask the URL of the link :(

Telephone: 06-1234 5678

This is another Contact Person Widget

This text is also not bounded by the box of the widget, so you need to be creative with your text to make it align with the other widgets in the row. We've asked the development crew for a fix for this. 

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Telephone: 06-1234 5678

This too is a Contact Person Widget

You can add a special button (add class="btn" to the a href in the HTML code) in this space and leave out the other contact fields.

red link button