Fashion imitates art

Maerten & Oopjen

Art imitates life, and fashion imitates art. And so it is with a range of garments inspired by Rembrandt’s most famous piece, The Nightwatch (which you can see at the Rijksmuseum for free with a City Card). Available in a range of sizes for a respectable price of €59.95, The Nighwatch sweaters are wonderfully dark and are sure to keep you warm on cool nights (available at the I amsterdam store). Team it with a pair of socks or scarf for added snugness. With summer coming you can also opt for a T-shirt or a stylish dress for the ladies. For the fashionably more adventurous, a Google search will reveal swimsuits for guys and girls, leggings, hoodies and even beanies. You’ll be surprised by what you may find.


Product montage

You’ve got your outfit sorted, now it’s time to bling it up. Originally painted as a set to mark the wedding of Marten Soolmans and Oopjen Coppit, Rembrandt’s pendant paintings have been cleverly reimagined as Marten and Oopjen pins and charms. A steal at just €3.95 each! Available at the I amsterdam store. Don’t worry fellas, you’re not left out. A Rembrandt tie is sure to help you reach the top, especially when teamed with a set of cufflinks. Timepieces have not escaped the Rembrandt treatment and make a wonderful way to keep (Night)watch of the hours. Keep your glasses dust-free with a stylish case while your eyes rest safely behind a mask to keep the light out while you get a well-deserved nap. When you wake, rehydrate by taking a slog from a water bottle featuring Judith at the Banquet of Holofernes (previously known as Artemisia).

There’s no escaping the rain in the Netherlands but you can look pretty good keeping dry with characters from The Nightwatch looking over your shoulder as you stroll along with your shopping in a, you guessed it, Nightwatch tote (available at the I amsterdam store). At home, you can decorate your sofa with scatter cushions featuring characters from Rembrandt’s paintings or adorn your walls with a clock featuring one of his self-portraits. We’ve got you covered top to toe in Rembrandt this year. How far will you go?

Check the I amsterdam store for an exciting selection of Rembrandt inspired objects. Or visit the Rijkmuseum's store for more merchandise. Find out all there is to know about Rembrandt and the Dutch Golden Age and current exhibitions celebrating this master's life and times.