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About Amsterdam Trade & Innovate

Amsterdam Trade & Innovate provides internationalisation support to companies in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. We focus on innovative solutions to urban and societal challenges.

Amsterdam Trade & Innovate

Going global with your service or product, as an entrepreneur, means you can create scale, spread risks and accelerate innovation. It also means you can create impact, supported by a solid business model, for a smart, health, energy-neutral, circular urban community.

Amsterdam is known worldwide as a creative, innovative and sustainable region with a strong international network. We'd be pleased to discuss how we can help your company achieve its international growth ambitions.

Amsterdam Trade & Innovate is part of the City of Amsterdam's Department of Economic Affairs and belongs to a network of government organisations that promote growth in key economic regions in the Netherlands. Our focus is on the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area.

What can we do for you?

  • Networking. Knowing how and with whom to do business abroad is extremely important. We can introduce you to valuable, national and international knowledge and tarde networks, potential business partners, universities and research institutes and regional, national and foreign government authorities.
  • Economic missions and trade fair participation. We organise trade and innovation missions in target markets and provide a platform for trade fair participation abroad. These economic missions are organised both independently and in cooperation with the Netherlands Enterprise Agency (RVO) and other Trade and Innovate NL (TINL) partners.
  • Acceleration programmes and internationalisation events. We arrange internationalisation events and export and acceleration programmes for SMEs in the Amsterdam Metropolitan Area. 
  • Market intelligence. We can provide specific information on target markets. Our database contains potential partner companies by growth potential and strategic focus (domestic and abroad). We compile global opportunity reports for each sector and guide you through the jungle of local laws and regulations. We also know the shortest routes to financing and subsidy opportunities.
  • Clustering. As an individual company, it is often difficult and time-consuming to successfully enter a new market. As part of a group of companies operating in the same sector, you can often make more impact, and make use of each other's expertise. We facilitate the formation and interconnection of existing and new business clusters.
  • Our needs-based approach. Our starting point is what you need. We believe in co-creation, and that we can only achieve optimal results by combining your entrepreneurial spirit with our know-how. We would be happy to call on you to discuss your ambitions in the field of internationalisation, and to identify how we can best support you.

Our focus

The urban environment is the setting for major social, ecological and technological challenges; ones that require future-proof solutions. In order to be successful in the global market for innovation for liveable cities, we focus on the following topics: 

  • Smart and green mobility
  • Food transition
  • Energy transition
  • Sustainable fashion
  • Sustainable, circular construction
  • Smart health
  • 'Technology for good'

If you are interested in connecting with us, please email our team on or find the right contact on our team page.