Historic event space in Amsterdam

The monumental building on the Da Costakade in which De Nieuwe Liefde (the new life) has been established has a rich history. It was originally built as a wine warehouse, and later it also served as a Catholic Church and a theatre. 

Nowadays the building consists of a large hall (Grote Zaal) for 250 visitors, a smaller room (Kleine Zaal) for 80 visitors and a choir room (Koorzaal) for 70 visitors, several office spaces, a library, a foyer and a conservatory (Serre).

De Nieuwe Liefde was initiated by poet and theologian Huub Oosterhuis and was officially opened on the 11th of February 2011 by the former Dutch Queen, Princess Beatrix. It caters to a diverse crowd and creates cultural and social programmes on ethics, philosophy, culture, religion and politics. It also provides a stage for poetry, music and theatre.

Inspiring cultural events

De Nieuwe Liefde aim to address the heart as well as the head through all of their events, creating inspiring and educational programmes intended to empower their audiences, encourage them to think for themselves and keep them on their toes. Recurring events like the Sunday poetry readings and the talk show Café De Nieuwe Liefde have gained a loyal audience, while discussion and talk focusing on current affairs have also gained a solid foothold in the cultural field of Amsterdam.