Student action

In 1945, the group, led by students Wouter Zeytveld and Piet Meerburg created the cinema as a place of employment for students who would have otherwise had to discontinue their studies. On November 6, 1945, the cinema opened with a gala performance for 200 guests.

Neighbourhood cinema

65 years later, Kriterion, across the road from the Psychology Faculty of the University of Amsterdam, still caters to the student crowd, arthouse cinema fans and loyal neighbours, creating a relaxed atmosphere for those wanting to see a film and share a drink in the bar afterwards.

Sneak Preview Night

As well as showing the best in international arthouse cinema, the Kriterion also regularly has film and debate nights, Modern Classics and the Sneak Preview night - for just 5 euros, catch a yet-unreleased film - but which film that is is a surprise.