Kitsch and comfort food in Amsterdam

Located on a picturesque corner at the outer edge of Amsterdam’s canal ring, the popular Moeders restaurant offers a warm welcome to diners, serving up hearty Dutch cuisine in homely surroundings. Mis-matched antique furniture, glassware and crockery all contributed by previous guests add to the convivial atmosphere, lending the restaurant all the thrown-together charm of a last-minute family gathering.

Moeder knows best

The name literally means ‘mothers’, and as soon as you step foot inside, you’ll understand why. They’re everywhere. Behind the bar, above the door, even in the toilet. Individually framed photographs of mothers of customers past and present, keeping a watchful eye over diners and making sure that everyone eats their greens. Not that you’ll have any trouble eating up all your dinner here – the enticing menu of delicious home-cooked Dutch dishes including stamppot with sauerkraut, suddervlees and hachee (stew) should always ensure clean plates all round.