Launched in 2013, the 'boutique tour company' organises all kinds of private tours on demand, from tours for a couple of hours to excursions lasting several days. The company is led by world traveler, noted photographer & GUIDOR-certified guide, Tom van der Leij. All of Toms Travel Tours' guides share a passion for travel, have expertises in an array of fields, speak multiple languages.

Toms Travel Tours private guide service is designed for travellers who want to discover authentic Amsterdam with a genuine companion. The journey is custom-made, taking into account your specific interests. For first-time visitors, Toms Travel Tours offers walking and cycling tours that take in Amsterdam's highlights, while adventurous or more seasoned travellers can go off the beaten track. The company also helps with arranging accommodation, dinner reservations, tickets and activities.

The company also organises specialised tours, such as a photo tour, early-bird tours offering a view on how the city wakes up, food tours, cycling trips, mudflat walks to Dutch islands and countryside excursions taking in cute old-time towns, windmills and tulip fields.

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