The great outdoors

Uithoorn has a 60-hectare nature reserve that surrounds a lake called the Zijdelmeer. It’s a fantastic spot for walks and its beautiful landscapes – including reed fields, grasslands, hay islands and a swampy forest - are home to a host of diverse wildlife. There’s also plenty of picturesque spots to stop and have a picnic, and there’s even a petting zoo on the grounds.

The Garden of Bram de Groote is also well worth a visit. The expansive garden is brilliantly maintained by an enthusiastic group of volunteers, and entry is free. You’ll see the way to get into the garden along the Boterdijk in Uithoorn, though bear in mind that it’s only open to public on the first Sunday of the month from April to September.

A historic defence line

While in Uithoorn try and see Fort aan de Drecht (Fort on the Drecht), which was built in 1911 as part of Amsterdam’s Theorem – a defence line built around the city between 1880 and 1920 - and completely restored in 2000. Now it’s a multifunctional destination offering a gallery, studio and exhibitions. Various companies have also found a place in the fort – including eateries and shops. You can also take part in various cultural activities while visiting this charming piece of history, including glass blowing and wine tasting.

How to get there

It's only a short journey from Amsterdam to Uithoorn. If you're headed to the town from Amsterdam Centraal, you can jump on the 170 bus service headed to Amstelveen, which stops at Uithoorn's main bus station. From there it's easy to explore the town fully. 

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