A snapshot of Dutch history

The current peaceful, quiet countryside in the Fortress Stretch region is in stark contrast to its former life as a medieval defence line: it once provided protection against the Netherlands’ enemies with its massive fortresses and castles. Now, visitors can roam the bastions and imagine life hundreds of years ago. 

Things to see and do in the Fortress Stretch

Muiden is one of the most spectacular examples, with the grand Amsterdam Castle Muiderslot looming over the mouth of the River Vecht. As well as providing a historic snapshot it’s a fun-filled museum for all the family, allowing you to experience life as a Knight or a Lady! 

Nearby, Naarden is one of the most remarkable examples of a fortified town, with its classical town centre still encompassed by two elaborate star-shaped moats and stonewalls. And Weesp’s own forts and windmills offer up a taste of the Golden Age. All of these towns are fantastic starting points for exploring De Stelling van Amsterdam (the Defence Line of Amsterdam), a 135-kilometre-long ring of fortifications around Amsterdam.

How to get to the Fortress Stretch

Because the Fortress Stretch is an area, there are a number of destinations from which to choose to begin your exploration of these medieval sights. To get to Muiden, take a train from Amsterdam Central Station to Weesp; you can then hop on bus 110 to go straight to the castle. If you want to start your journey in Weesp or Naarden, you can take a direct train to those towns from Amsterdam Central Station.

Cut down on the time and money spent when traveling to the Fortress Stretch with the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket, which offers unlimited travel on buses, trams, trains and metros in the Amsterdam Area for 24 hours for just €19.50.