Star-shaped town near Amsterdam

Naarden forms part of the historic Defence Line of Amsterdam, a 135-kilometre-long ring of fortifications around the city. With its classical town centre still encompassed by two elaborate star-shaped moats and stone walls, it’s one of the most remarkable examples of a fortified town in Europe, and a perfectly preserved piece of Dutch defensive history.

Naarden sights and attractions

Visitors to Naarden enjoy not just its one-of-a-kind geography, but also its cafés, shops and attractions. The town’s Grote Kerk is among the country’s oldest churches and it houses a series of wooden vaults filled with scenes from the Old and New Testaments. It also hosts organ concerts and a bi-annual photo exhibition. In addition, Naarden is home to the Weegschaal Museum, which is devoted to weight and measurement tools.

The Netherlands Fortress Museum

The Netherlands Fortress Museum (Vestingmuseum) introduces visitors to the vital role Naarden played in defending the country, and in particular Amsterdam, against attack from the east in days gone by. Explore the museum to learn the rich history of the fortified town, take a stroll along the ramparts and jump aboard the museum boat for unique views of Naarden.

Accommodation and restaurants in Naarden

There are plenty of places to enjoy a meal in Naarden,with the small town home to many good quality restaurants. Popular Naarden restaurants include the atmospheric Restaurant Acquavite, located in the city’s historic barracks , and the picturesque Arsenaal Restaurants, a restaurant and brasserie spilling out onto a beautiful courtyard.  If you’d like to spend the night in Naarden, a range of accommodation is available in hotels, B&Bs and self-catering apartments.  

How to get to Naarden from Amsterdam

Naarden is approximately 30 minutes by car from Amsterdam, or 20 minutes by train from Amsterdam Centraal Station to Naarden-Bussum. Travel to Naarden is covered by the Amsterdam & Region Travel Ticket