Amsterdam neighbourhoods

From its humble beginnings as a 13th-century fishing village, Amsterdam has always been a bustling hub of commerce that welcomes other cultures with open arms. With picturesque homes, a fascinating history and tolerant culture, residents have a rich wealth of reasons to want to live in the city. Each area of Amsterdam has its own individual character and charm, and offers locals a lively mix of shops, restaurants, cafés and attractions.

Get to know the changing faces of Amsterdam's neighbourhoods

From east to west, north to south, Amsterdam has not only expanded over the centuries but been transformed on multiple occasions. Population growth and industrial change have often been at the heart of its rebirths, leading to the creation of new districts and neighbourhoods, or older areas being regenerated and repurposed. From sustainable renovations in the old city centre to new floating homes in Noord, Amsterdam never stands still. So get to know the varied faces of the city, find the areas that fit best with your lifestyle, and be inspired by all that's going on in every corner! Explore the links below to learn more about what you can find in just some of Amsterdam's neighbourhoods. Or for municipal information about your city district or neighbourhood, visit the City of Amsterdam's official English-language portal.

Neighbourhoods of Amsterdam


The historic city centre is the famous face of Amsterdam.


Hip places, green spaces and a diverse population.


New islands being transformed into modern living districts.


Urban renewal meets natural beauty in the north.

Oostelijke Eilanden

Modern living in the former docklands.

De Plantage

The city's spacious garden with an elegant touch.

De Pijp

Bustling mix of residential, culture, cuisine and cafés.

Oud Zuid

Rijksmuseum Gardens 24h Zuid Amsterdam
Cultured living with the Old Masters as neighbours.


Vibrant family-friendly atmosphere against a green backdrop.

Oud West

Always changing, but a slice of real Amsterdam.

Bos en Lommer & De Baarsjes

Hip and happening neighbourhoods out west.


A cultural melting pot with lots to offer.


Sloterplas Spring Nieuw West Amsterdam
The largest and greenest district in Amsterdam.


A creative haven meets the future of Amsterdam living.


A business district transforming into an urban hub.

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