Get professional help finding a job in Amsterdam

Job seekers can achieve a lot on their own these days. Between research, personal contact with local companies and job search engines, you can keep track of most of the new job postings in Amsterdam (and beyond). But there's no denying that recruitment agencies play a powerful role in filling vacancies. Be it short-term assignments or long term career moves, the experts working at recruitment agencies are often first to know about new openings and can have you on the phone as soon as anything suitable is available. What's more, when it comes to companies they frequently work with, they can also offer extra advice and preparation for interviews.

Finding work in Amsterdam – helpful tips

There are many recruitment agencies in Amsterdam and while the bigger brand names cover all career branches, smaller agencies often specialise – be it in finance, ICT, creative or engineering. It's undoubtedly a great idea to register with the major recruitment agencies, but don't overlook any specialists that fit your career ambitions. While submitting a CV or creating a profile can often be completed online, don't forget the personal touch. Phoning or dropping into their branch can help you gauge what opportunities are available and how frequently new ones arise. And naturally, it's important to convey to the agency what you are looking for from your next role.

Golden rules for applications via recruitment agencies

Here are some golden rules to remember once you make the decision to work with a job agency:

  • Make sure you have an up-to-date CV in English which fully reflects your skills, education, work experience and personal profile. Try to keep it as succinct and relevant as possible.

  • Always support any job application with a clear overview or motivation letter setting out your primary requirements and career objectives. Be sure to customise this letter for each application.

  • Follow up if you haven't heard back within three to five days.

  • Stay flexible and be ready to attend interviews as opportunities emerge. But remain patient while your agent searches the market for the right job.

  • Keep your agent informed of any personal developments which might affect the work they are doing on your behalf.

IN Amsterdam partners

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