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Why Amsterdam is great for international talent

There’s a reason the Amsterdam Area is a beacon for talented professionals from around the world. It’s a unique European capital, combining metropolitan opportunities with a laid-back quality of life. It’s a truly international city with a liberal, free-thinking heart and an entrepreneurial, innovative spirit.

Metropolitan opportunities

The Amsterdam Area offers a thriving business environment, industry-leading innovation and a collaborative working culture with a very international outlook. It's home to leading tech, fintech and AI companies, a thriving life sciences and health sector, and is an international hotspot for the creative sector, including sustainable fashion. More than 3,300 international companies are located here, plus almost 2,000 startups and scale-ups. It’s a hotspot for leading scientific research and conferences, and on top of all that, residents enjoy the best work-life balance in the world.

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A city for the future

Amsterdam aims to play a key role in the transition to a new economy and is well on the way to becoming the number one city for companies that create both financial and social value. Sustainability is a top priority; an ambitious plan is in place to ensure the city operates on fully circular principles by 2050, eliminating wasteful processes and focusing on sustainable construction, transport and procurement. There's also an emphasis on sustainable solutions in industries such as fashion, with the sector regularly making global headlines

Open to international residents

The Amsterdam Area welcomes international talent and there are a number of official pathways for those looking to live and work in the Netherlands. EU, EEA and Swiss nationals do not require a residence permit although there are a number of other requirements such as registering with your local municipality and taking out health insurance. There is a procedure in place to apply for a residence permit as a highly skilled migrant and there is a points-based system for startup entrepreneurs who want to establish themselves in the Netherlands. 

Opportunities in forward-looking industries

Amsterdam is one of Europe’s most significant IT hubs. Here you’ll find the European headquarters of the world’s biggest tech companies from Tesla to Netflix, and accelerators and incubator programmes that make Amsterdam an ideal place to bring businesses to life.

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With internationally renowned universities, research institutions and academic hospitals within easy reach, Amsterdam functions as a true innovation hub and offers an array of opportunities for those pursuing an academic career. Companies forge collaborations to translate breakthroughs in life sciences and health, AI and data science, into practice. Fintechs that started in Amsterdam have shaken the finance industry globally and helped establish the region as a world-leading centre for green finance.

Beyond the centre

Amsterdam's popularity means housing can be scarce, but the wider metropolitan area offers plenty of attractive, easily accessible options.  Try out our handy interactive MapItOut tool and discover just how compact the Amsterdam Area is with almost every location just 30-minutes away by public transport. Find out more about moving to and living in the Amsterdam Area.

Connected and convenient

Getting around the Amsterdam Area is simpler than in most major cities. Distances are small with many locations just a short bike or tram ride away. Connectivity is high with Amsterdam boasting some of the fastest broadband speeds on the planet. International connections are also quick and convenient, with a network of high-speed trains to European cities as well as the 327 destinations served by Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, which is itself just a 15-minute train ride from the city centre.
Excited to learn more? Read our guide to finding a job or browse current opportunities in our extensive database of roles for internationals in the Amsterdam Area. A new relocation app for international talent can also help you find important information about work opportunities in the region.