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IN Amsterdam services for international newcomers

With simplified processes and applications, IN Amsterdam aims to better meet the needs of internationals employees, graduates, entrepreneurs and businesses in the Amsterdam Area.

Services for international newcomers

  • Formalities for just-arrived internationals
  • Information on Orientation year permits for international graduates
  • Information on startup-based residence permits for entrepreneurs
  • Support and information for internationals at every stage of life in the Amsterdam Area

All formalities and biometric data services

Our clients can benefit from combined procedures of municipal registration (receive a citizen service number BSN) and immigration procedure or can choose either of them. 

  • During municipal registration for the cities of Amsterdam, Amstelveen, Almere, Diemen, Haarlem, Hilversum, Haarlemmermeer and Velsen, city representatives record your personal data in the Personal Records Database (BRP). If you are moving from abroad and are registering for the first time, you will receive your citizen service number (BSN). You will need this number to work, open a bank account and take out health insurance. This procedure is obligatory, irrespective of your nationality or purpose of stay. Those staying for four months or less can be registered in the Non-residents Records Database (RNI) and also receive BSN.
  • Immigration procedure by the Immigration and Naturalisation Service (IND) allows highly skilled migrants, researchers and recent graduates applying for an orientation year permit and startup entrepreneurs to deliver the required biometric photographs and fingerprints. After the registration, internationals can also collect their residence documents and endorsement stickers at our office. IN Amsterdam also facilitates the collection of residence permits for extensions or changes in residence status at our office.
  • To register outside the Amsterdam Area, please refer to the list of other official centres in the Netherlands

Residence permits for recent graduates

Recent graduates from Dutch colleges and universities and academics from abroad who have successfully applied for an orientation year permit, which allows graduates to search for employment in the Netherlands for up to a year, can collect their permit at the IN Amsterdam office or another expat centre in the Netherlands.

Residence permits for startups and statup personnel

The so-called residence permit scheme for startups affords ambitious entrepreneurs one year to launch an innovative business in the Netherlands. A prerequisite is that an experienced facilitator must guide this startup. Additionally, if the startup needs to hire highly skilled foreign experts essential to development and growth, the residence arrangement for essential startup personnel can be helpful. At IN Amsterdam, you can get some guidance on the application process and arrange your formalities.

IN Amsterdam service fees

Please note that fees may apply for IN Amsterdam services.

Job Orientation programme

Since 2020, IN Amsterdam has actively supported the partners of internationals moving to the Amsterdam Area. This group forms around 20% of all people making use of the services of IN Amsterdam.

One of the major campaigns is the Job Orientation Programme. The offered support ranges from informing local businesses on the potential of this group in the labour market to directly aiding and advising accompanying partners and other internationals in the Amsterdam Area on the opportunities in the local labour market. The programme pays special attention to job opportunities in sectors with a labour shortage, such as healthcare, social care and IT. You can find further information regarding the Job Orientation Programme (PDF).

Partner service providers

The IN Amsterdam Partnership Programme connects internationals in the Amsterdam Area with service providers operating in the international market. This is particularly useful for an international’s arrival and first three months in the Netherlands. Participating companies cover sectors from banking, driving and childcare to employment, insurance, tax, language courses, and much more.

If you would like to become a partner, browse our current partners or read more about our Partnership Programme.

Free assistance for internationals at ACCESS and !WOON helpdesks

  • ACCESS Netherlands provides free support and assistance to the international community through their helpdesk, courses, and counselling referral. A dedicated helpdesk is available at the IN Amsterdam office where internationals can receive a consultation on healthcare, housing, learning Dutch, job searching, childcare, finances and much more. Come in as a walk-in during in-person hours or schedule a Zoom call.
  • The !WOON helpdesk can help with questions on tenancy laws as well as rights and regulations regarding renting a property in Amsterdam free of charge.

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