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IN Amsterdam services for employers

With simplified processes and applications, IN Amsterdam aims to better meet the needs of companies and highly skilled international employees in the Amsterdam Area.

Services for companies and employees

  • Assistance for companies looking to hire highly skilled migrants
  • Registration of international employees (EU and non-EU) with the IND and their municipality in the Amsterdam Area
  • Support and information for internationals at every stage of life in the Amsterdam Area

Download the IN Amsterdam booklet for more information about the services offered by IN Amsterdam.

Advantages of using IN Amsterdam

By submitting one single form, an employer can initiate the necessary official procedures while an employee is still abroad and schedule an appointment with IN Amsterdam for their arrival. Once the employee is in the Netherlands, all documents will be in place, allowing the employee to start work immediately after their visit to the IN Amsterdam office. Our team takes great pride in providing dedicated assistance to our clients at every step of the process.

A streamlined process

Utilising the IN Amsterdam procedure begins with the completion of the appropriate application form from the IND website. On the form, the employer indicates they would like to use IN Amsterdam’s services and sends the completed form to the IND. Approximately four weeks later, the highly skilled migrant can visit the IN Amsterdam office to collect his or her residence permit and register with the municipality.

As a result of the municipal registration, IN Amsterdam clients will receive their citizen service number (burgerservicenummer, BSN) during their appointment. Those registering with the municipalities of Almere and Haarlemmermeer will receive their BSN in two days by email. 

Those staying for four months or less can be registered in the Non-residents Records Database (RNI) and also receive BSN.

EU citizens who have a work contract with a company, which is an officially recognised sponsor by the IND, can also visit IN Amsterdam for their municipal registration.

Download the IN Amsterdam corporate brochure, which details our services for employers. For a full description of the application steps please see ‘How to apply’.

Click here to make an appointment as a company. Check our forms & downloads page to find downloadable forms required for your appointment.

Residence endorsement sticker

A residence endorsement sticker is placed in your passport, serving as proof that you are permitted to await your procedure in the Netherlands. This sticker also specifies whether you are authorised to work. In cases where an international individual requires proof of the right to work or stay in the Netherlands, it is possible to schedule an appointment at IN Amsterdam or another IND office for a residence endorsement sticker.

Please note that it is only possible to obtain a sticker once you have received a letter from the IND confirming the receipt of your application. Such a letter can be sent directly to the individual, their employer, or their relocation agent.

Residence permit extensions for highly skilled migrants and researchers

Highly skilled migrants and scientific researchers who have applied for an extension to their residence permit can collect their extended residence permit at one of the official international centres, including IN Amsterdam.

IN Amsterdam service fees

Please note that fees may apply for IN Amsterdam services.

30% tax ruling

Under the 30% ruling, employers are permitted under certain conditions to give an employee from abroad a tax-free allowance for the extra costs involved in relocation and stay in the Netherlands. Since 1 January 2019, qualifying workers may use this 30% ruling for only 5 years. Application for the 30% tax ruling is something you have to arrange with your employee and the tax office (Belastingdienst). You can find more information and application forms on the Tax and Customs Administration website. IN Amsterdam team can advise on the ruling and guide you through the process. Please contact our IN Amsterdam team at

Information for your international employees

International employees can also visit IN Amsterdam for help with other government and expat-related issues, such as taxes, healthcare, education and much more. Furthermore, a wealth of information is also available throughout the Living section of this website, with detailed information on topics like finding a job, childcare or a place to live. Additionally, internationals can receive free assistance at ACCESS and !WOON helpdesks:

  • ACCESS Netherlands provides free support and assistance to the international expat community through their helpdesk, courses, and counselling referral. A dedicated helpdesk is available at the IN Amsterdam office where internationals can receive a consultation on healthcare, housing, learning Dutch, job searching, childcare, finances and much more.
  • The !WOON helpdesk can help with questions on tenancy laws as well as rights and regulations regarding renting a property in Amsterdam free of charge.

Information for accompanying partners and Job Orientation Programme

If an international resident has taken up employment in the Netherlands, it’s vitally important for their spouse or partner to feel just as happy and settled in their new country. That’s why IN Amsterdam offers a support service for accompanying partners of international workers, helping them in their search for employment, settle into Dutch life and access family support information.

One of the major campaigns is the Job Orientation Programme. The offered support ranges from informing local businesses on the potential of this often overseen group in the labour market to directly aiding and advising accompanying partners and other internationals in the Amsterdam Area on the opportunities in the local labour market. The programme focuses on career orientation and connecting with sectors with a labour shortage, for example, healthcare and IT. You can find further information regarding the Job Orientation Programme (PDF).

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