Citywide street sale in Amsterdam

Everyone is free to take part in the street market and as you can imagine, the array of deals waiting to be snapped up ranges from handy gadgets and vintage chic to the rather useless and downright bizarre. It’s an essential part of King’s Day and loved by bargain hunters and ‘window’ shoppers alike. And it’s not only second-hand wares on offer - plenty of food stalls spring up to fuel your bargain hunting frenzy!

Various districts and specific streets of the city are known as being hot-spots for particular second-hand items so take the chance to explore different parts of Amsterdam for the best range of bargains. The street market kicks off at 06:00 and goes until 20:00.

Setting up shop

If you fancy getting involved in selling on the day, you can in theory set up anywhere in the city provided you don't block the entrances to homes and shops which are open, or hinder the movement of people through the city. However, there are some exceptions to this rule (mostly in the Centre, Zuid and West districts). A list of locations where the street market is restricted is published on the City of Amsterdam website (all places listed under the header 'Niet toegestaan'), so you are sure you are setting up shop in a permitted spot.

The Vondelpark

The Vondelpark is reserved for the kids, who turn out in their droves to sell the toys they've outgrown and clothes they've cast off over the year. Many youngsters also become street performers for the day, transforming the already vibrant Vondelpark into a feast of song and dance. 

The park gates open slightly later at 09:00 and alongside the street sale, there's also plenty of games and other forms of fun to tempt you to part with your cash. Rest assured that the proceeds go back into the business of being a kid! Check out more tips for King's Day family fun.

Kids markets

The following areas are traditionally designated as kid-friendly on King's Day and are the best places for children to set up street market stalls:

  • Amstelveld
  • Amsterdamse Poort, large square in the shopping centre at Bijlmerplein 205-207
  • Artisplein
  • Bellamyplein
  • Bilderdijkpark
  • Buikslotermeerplein
  • Dappermarkt
  • Erasmuspark
  • Frederik Hendrik Plantsoen
  • Frederiksplein on the square near Falckstraat
  • Leliegracht, even side of the street between house numbers 42 and 58
  • NDSM, Vrijhaven
  • Plein ‘40-‘45
  • Sarphatipark
  • Sint Antoniesluis up to the road
  • Stadspark Tussenmeer
  • Vondelpark
  • Westerpark