This year we choose Freedom, we have consciously chosen this after a year of limitations, sadness and fear. The event will be a celebration of the fact that everything can be conquered and we will express that in the many creations that are made on this day. At the Amsterdam Bodypaint Art Event, artists and art lovers can express themselves in complete freedom. On Saturday 7 August we hope to be able to create a beautiful setting in Treehouse on the NDSM site in Amsterdam. We will create the concept of Freedom there, both in the open air and in the new exhibition hall (depending on the weather) with about 40 artists and an equal number of models.

RIVM guidelines

We also want to stick to the RIVM guidelines and that is why it has been decided that everyone will work in pairs at an appropriate distance and with mouth caps.

If you want to know more about this event, send an email or visit the website .