Tropenmuseum: immersed in history

As the public face of the Royal Tropical Institute, the Tropenmuseum is a grand institution, both inside and out. Its beautiful brick building dates from 1926 and sits alongside the spacious greenery of Oosterpark.

Inside, its spectacular Lichthal (‘Light Hall’) greets visitors, with this large, open room overlooked by balconies and with its grand staircase climbing the far wall – the space typically being used to show off temporary exhibitions and other large-scale works.

And as you explore the museum’s smaller rooms, you’re expertly guided through Asia, Oceania, Africa and Latin America via authentic art, household and religious objects, photographs, music, film and interactive displays.

Family fun in Amsterdam

The museum is also renowned for its efforts in child-friendly exhibitions. Tropenmuseum Junior offers an educational, inspiring and entertaining programme for kids (6 to 13 year olds), aimed at introducing them to different cultures. Please note, since the museum is working on a new exhibition, Tropenmuseum Junior is closed until October 2019.