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National Holocaust Museum has taken measures to enable a safe visit. Buy your tickets in advance and prepare your visit well. Check the link for more information 

National Holocaust Museum

The National Holocaust Museum is located in the former Reformed Kweekschool on Plantage Middenlaan in Amsterdam. During the Holocaust, Jewish children from the adjacent Crèche were regularly deported to Westerbork and beyond. Their parents stayed across the street in the Hollandsche Schouwburg, awaiting the same fate. A dark history that still raises questions, emotions and confronts today and that encourages commitment and vigilance for the future.

The two locations on the Plantage Middenlaan together represent the Dutch story about the Holocaust. The Hollandsche Schouwburg is a place of deportation, collaboration and memory of the dead, the training school is one where human courage and selflessness were expressed. The National Holocaust Museum will be established in two phases. In the first phase, visitors will learn about the multitude of stories about the Holocaust through a varied range of exhibitions and events. These are told in an artistic form, with authentic objects and based on personal stories.

At the same time, this phase focuses on the fundraising needed to carry out the second phase, a definitive National Holocaust Museum where the history of the Dutch persecution of the Jews is told in a broad, international context. The Holocaust is also the starting point for dealing with related themes such as genocide, integration of minorities, religious (in) tolerance, anti-Semitism, the violation of human rights and the international legal order.

National Holocaust Museum

The National Holocaust Museum and the Hollandsche Schouwburg, together with the Jewish Historical Museum, Children's Museum and the Portuguese Synagogue, form the Jewish Cultural Quarter. Four cultural institutions - to be visited with one entrance ticket - that together provide a unique picture of Jewish life then and now.