How you can visit Museum Zaanse Tijd with your City Card

It is not necessary to reserve a time slot to visit this location with your City Card. Make sure that your City Card is valid at the time of your visit.

Atmospheric museum

During a visit to the Zaanse Schans you really cannot skip this atmospheric museum. It pays homage to the craft of the clockmaker with an enormous collection of special clocks. With themes such as moving windmills and whaling on the clocks, it is a typical Zaan treasury full of riches from the Dutch Golden Age.

Old Holland

Although you can enjoy yourself for hours, the museum is also a perfect opportunity to get a better picture of Old Holland in a few minutes. The enormous collection of timepieces includes Dutch tower clocks from the 16th century, the earliest Hague clocks, the rich Amsterdam longcase watches and precision clocks from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. There is also an extensive collection of Dutch pocket watches.