Essential Amsterdam heritage

Offering an unparalleled opportunity to explore the history of the city, documents kept at the Stadsarchief include a huge range of official papers, letters and even early audio material. Just a few highlights of the impressive Amsterdam Treasures collection include:

- The report of the theft of Anne Frank’s bicycle in 1942, also mentioned in her diary
- A 1976 portrait of Dutch entrepreneur Freddy Heineken
- Johan Cruijff’s pupil registration card from 1947
- The Westerkerk burial register, recording the burial of Rembrandt van Rijn on 8 October 1669
- A letter from Charles Darwin to Artis Royal Zoo from 1868.

World Heritage Podium

The Stadsarchief is home to the World Heritage Podium, a visitors' centre providing details of all UNESCO World Heritage sites in the Netherlands. Also in the building, the City Book Shop specialises in books about Amsterdam. Tours of the Amsterdam City Archives can be arranged in advance.