The world-famous Amsterdam Flower Market

At the Amsterdam Flower Market, you’ll find tulips of every colour – either in bouquets or as bulbs to plant at home. But before making a purchase, do your research as some shops in Amsterdam sell tulip bulbs in the spring that won’t blossom. Buying during the right season will undoubtedly improve the chances that your tulips grow. If you want tulips that bloom in the spring, buy the bulbs in the fall. If you want bulbs that flower in the summer like gladiolus or lilies, buy your bulbs in early spring. Ask the seller for the details as they may not volunteer the information. And look for bulbs that are big and firm, not soft, mushy, moldy or damaged.

But the market has far more than just tulips. No matter what your favourite flower, you’re bound to find it here. There are plenty of house plants, seeds and gardening essentials. A number of shops also sell fun, affordable souvenirs and local delicacies, such as Dutch cheese. In winter, alongside the greenhouse-grown blooms, you’ll also find a large variety of Christmas trees and holiday decorations