Pllek AmsterdamUndoubtedly one of the most popular terrace bars in Amsterdam, this large hangar-style restaurant boasts an enviable city beach with a covetable view of the IJ. On sultry summer evenings, relax here, sheltered from the wind, with your feet in the sand and a chilled drink in your hand. You can also grab a spot next to the big campfire that regularly burns into the night - and if the flames get too warm, why not be brazen and take a dip in the river.

Pllek // T.T. Neveritaweg 59, NDSM Wharf

Café ‘t Sluisje

Cafe t Sluisje Nieuwendammerdijk AmsterdamA little bit further up the beach is the cute Café ‘t Sluisje: an old brown café that dates back more than 100 years. Sit down to a wonderfully simple lunch or dinner, with a stunning view from the Nieuwendammerhaven. The terrace is situated so that the sun hits it at every hour of the day.

Café 't Sluisje // Nieuwendammerdijk 297, NDSM Wharf


Hangar Amsterdam NoordThis summer, venture out and enjoy a new terrace on the waterfront at Restaurant Hangar. As the name suggests, this establishment is built in an old iron hangar, and has a gigantic outdoor area covering around 1,000 m2. The menu offers up dishes like classic Angus hamburgers, ravioli and seafood.

Hangar // Aambeeldstraat 36, Amsterdam Noord

Café de Ceuvel

Cafe de Ceuvel AmsterdamEverything about Café de Ceuvel is special and sustainable: from the hammocks on the veranda, to the seats on the boat deck. Not only is De Ceuvel’s kitchen organic, but its kitchen waste is composted to create a mix which is used as fertiliser for fruit trees on the property. And as a final touch, the building itself is constructed out of multiple old houseboats.

Café de Ceuvel // Korte Papaverweg 4, Noord

Rolling Rock Kitchen

Rolling Rock Kitchen AmsterdamRolling Rock Kitchen brings together an explosion of food, drinks, music and art. Oh, and one of the most spacious terraces in Amsterdam on which you can enjoy finger food, a full course meal or just delicious drinks all while enjoying the view from the IJ and a lively atmosphere. 

Rolling Rock Kitchen // Distelweg 113, Noord


IJ Kantine

IJ Kantine AmsterdamTake in the sweeping views of the IJ River as you relax, glass of wine in hand, at the IJ-Kantine brasserie overlooking the NDSM harbour. The idyllic spot serves breakfast, gourmet lunch and dinner, along with an impressive selection of cocktails and bar snacks. 

IJ-Kantine // NDSM-kade 5, NDSM Wharf


Noord Amsterdam Tolhuistuin Marie Charlotte PezeWhat used to be the old cafeteria of Shell has been transformed into one of Amsterdam Noord’s hippest  neighbourhood terraces. The menu is comprised of small dishes that are meant for sharing, which is a nearly stress-free way of enjoying the slow process of culinary discovery – if you don’t fancy it, let someone else polish it off. For those who are simply travelling through on their way to a concert or festival, it is the perfect place to prepare yourself for the night ahead.

Tolhuistuin // IJpromenade 2, Noord


Stork cafe Amsterdam Marie-Charlotte PezéThe first thing you must know about Stork, is that its existence hinges on fresh fruit de mer. The south-facing terrace was founded on an old industrial warehouse, and therefore has an abundance of pleasantly positioned dining tables. In the summer season, it provides guests with a picturesque view of the IJ with the ships sailing to-and-fro.  

Stork // Gedempte Hamerkanaal t.o. 96, Noord

De Pont

Cafe de PontCafé and restaurant De Pont has not one, but two waterside terraces that are drenched with sun (a tip: choose the balcony terrace for a superior view of the IJ). The kitchen prepares organic, sustainable and seasonal dishes, available for all three meals of the day. Just hop off the ferry, and claim your table, quick, before someone else does. 

De Pont // Buiksloterweg 3-5, Noord


The Noorderlicht café is certainly a jewel to be discovered on the NDSM wharf. Don’t worry about ripening on the vine like a cherry tomato in this greenhouse, just find your place on the grassy terrace outside and you won’t sweat a thing. On the weekends join in on their free cultural events, which also make good use of the outdoor space. 

Noorderlicht // tt. Neveritaweg 33, NDSM Wharf

Oedipus Taproom

Oedipus Brewing AmsterdamFor over the decade, the reputation of this funky craft brewery has been going from strength to strength to the point where now you’ll find their beers now sold across the city. However a visit to their taproom in Amsterdam Noord is well worth the trip, and on a sunny day the vibrant terrace will be packed with beer-lovers in their element. Sample a flight of experimental creations such as the Thai Thai Tripel flavoured with East Asian aromatics or the Mannenliefde Saison made with lemongrass and Szechuan pepper.

Oedipus Taproom // Gedempt Hamerkanaal 85, Noord